Far far away, about 300,000 billion light years away, there exists another group of living and breathing beings trying to contact us. Closer, about a hundred thousand miles away, is mars. And it’s a only matter of time before life is eventually discovered there. Still closer, you have the moon. And of course, we’ve all heard of the Man on the Moon. Coming to earth, your long lost school friend whose last name you don’t remember is probably checking out your pictures on Facebook right now. Your soul mate could be within a few hundred metres of you, and both of you are completely oblivious to that fact.

What are all these seemingly disconnected sentences trying to tell us? We like to believe we are individuals distinct from each other, but the truth is, we are connected together in ways that transcend Darwin’s theory of evolution.  Everything you say or do could have drastic implications on the future of human survival. Life is unpredictable. Who you are today may become who you were tomorrow.  If you’re lucky, your time on this planet will alternate between calm and chaos.

When you realise this, it becomes far more rewarding to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, like drinking a glass of cold water after an hour of playing football, or the feel of fresh clean bedsheets inviting you to a good night’s sleep, or the pitter-patter of rain on your umbrella as you walk home after a long day.

If you look up from your phone/tablet/laptop occasionally, in addition to relieving the strain on your neck, you will witness a whole new world. One that exists outside of the screens you constantly stare at. One in which you can touch and feel and smell. A world in which real live people exist.

So the next time you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work life throws at you, or the numerous assignments fighting for your attention, or the constant buzzing of your phone and the blinking of your laptop screen, pause and reflect on the boundless capacity of nature and the ways of the world. Because sometimes, it helps to Just Look Around.

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