Just Twenty six letters of the alphabet, combine in different ways to form words. Words that can change lives, words that can instigate an entire country to a revolution, or just the words that you are reading right now. Just seven notes of music come together and make up all of music. An entire art form, in all its glory and beauty,  can be traced back to in seven sounds. Just two digits, zero and one, govern the entirety of computer science. Your laptops, iPads, phones (and probably your future robotic rulers, if the venerable Stephen Hawking is to be believed), all dictated by two numbers.

Now if you wondering what the point of all this is, it is this- it requires just a little tweaking with small, meaningless , seemingly unrelated things to make something brilliant. Several particles of dust, arranged in a particular way, came together to create the living, breathing, thinking powerhouse of a being that is now peering into a screen, reading this article. And that is all it takes! A little change, a small adjustment, a slight variation can create something new, something beautiful.

What makes something ordinary, extraordinary? A worthless carbon stone lying beneath the earth when cleaned and cut in just the right way, becomes a diamond. A canvas, with blotches of colour at just the right places, becomes a work of art. A million little coloured dots joined perfectly, become movies. Beauty created from abstraction, art created from meaninglessness.

This time, change the way you look at and think about this world.

This time, escape the mundane and look for ideas, opportunities, innovation. Because a little change in how all of us think can completely change our reality.

After all, who wants to live in a world where everyone thinks exactly the same thoughts? Add a bit off eccentricity, a dash of weirdness, a sprinkle of jugaad, and you have something entirely unique and original.

This time, just remember that some things may work better if ‘rewired’.

Here’s to a new beginning. TEDxBITSGoa 2017 – Rewired

TEDxBITSGoa team

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