Popularly referred to as Crane Bedi for towing the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s car for a parking violation.

In times when the nation faces a massive awakening of spirit, names like hers are sure to come to the consciousness of every concerned citizen. The first woman officer in the Indian Police Service, she was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay for government service in 1994 for having brought in humane reforms in Tihar Jail. Also an author of numerous books, which includes an autobiography, she has been a pivotal driving force for the common man. She is also founded the Navjyoti Foundation and the India Vision foundations which address the important issues of drug abuse and community development. Never shy of voicing her opinions on the most of sensitive of issues facing Indian Administration today, she remains forever a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to all men and women who wish to create a difference.

In this talk, Kiran talks about some of the incidents in her life that influenced her to do something for the welfare of this country.