One of the only events held in college that manage to leave every lecture theatre seat occupied, TEDx Informals captures the heart and soul of the department. True to its name, it serves as a very informal pre-induction introduction to the various trials and tribulations of college life via witty presentations by TEDx members. Every year, the audience is left in splits, thus attracting throngs of people to the TEDx inductions!


Held for the first time last year, TEDXpressions is a way to get different voices heard. Students of the college give various talks, and their different experiences and expressions add a fresh note of novelty to our viewpoints. The most captivating speaker receives a chance to become the campus ambassador and narrate their story to larger audiences during the main conference.

(The annual conference)

One of the most awaited events of the year, our main conference weaves together diverse voices into an enthralling tapestry. We host an array of esteemed speakers from myriad walks of life, who leave the audience spellbound, year after year. Our unique annual themes give the talks a common thread, enabling all the speakers to weave their words together into a coherent whole. From actors and innovators to magicians and artists, we’ve had almost everyone take the stage and share their wisdom.

Talk Releases

For ensuring that no one misses out on the topics addressed in our conference and as a regulation set by TED, we release the talks on YouTube for maximum outreach. This forms an integral part of us functioning as a licensed TEDx department.